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Top Reasons to sign up for SNO

- Food Cost Savings: Using SNO's 'Order Guide', recipes automatically scale to the yields needed allowing you to buy the products you want in the exact quantities that you need.  Estimate food costs using real-time prices from major food distributors so you can lower costs with  sale items before you buy. Also, SNO's Production Guide helps kitchen staff prepare and plate accurate quantities which eliminates waste.

- Corporate Food Budget Controls: Being able to monitor and analyze each facility's food budget is just one of our many high-end quality corporate reports and features. 

- HIPAA Compliance: SNO protects resident privacy with data encryption, and password-protected user profiles with user groups that define information access at all group levels.

- Weight tracking for Residents: SNO helps you monitor and track residents’ weights with flags for significant changes at 30/90/180/365 days for MDS data. Weight entry for one resident or all residents with the ability to add a short note such as Edema, Re-Admit, etc. SNO offers a variety of excellent weight reports including data collection, significant weight changes, and more.

- Thousands of Recipes: Available to use as is or copy and customize. Print recipes that are scaled to your exact needs for each meal and eliminate all guesswork with our detailed Production Report. 

- Corporate Financial and Clinical Controls: For multiple or single facility operations, SNO reporting allows organizations to manage quality, resident care, and costs, enabling greater economies of scale. Reports also enable monitoring of care quality, resident care standards, utilization monitoring, and more precise food purchasing by facility, regionally or nationally.

- Rapid Answers: For Inspectors, Interdisciplinary Care Team members, and Resident's family, print single resident or entire facility reports verifying diet orders, quantities served, resident weight changes, and more.

- Traycards: SNO traycards are accurate and include flags and information for calorie counts, fluid restrictions, thickened liquids, allergies, dislikes, resident picture, dining location & notes, and more. Stop washing, drying, sorting, and manually updating plastic cards. Instantly print fresh, accurate tray tickets for each resident, for each meal. Cards are automatically sorted in the order that you select, as they print.

- Menu Variety: Recipes are pre-programmed with custom portion sizes and substitute recipes for consistencies and therapeutic diet restrictions. Use our auto-populate feature to automatically add to your menu hundreds of consistency and restriction extension combinations. Menu planning is more effective with SNO’s Dietitian-developed menu cycles pre-programmed consistency and restriction substitutions.

- SNO Estimates Nutrient Needs: Automatically calculate IBW (Ideal Body Weight), BMI (Body Mass Index), BEE (Basil Energy Expenditure), and Protein, Fluid, and Calorie Needs using the equations and factors of your choice.

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Avoid Compliance Risk

Increase Operating Efficiency 

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