Having SNO in Your Facilities is Fiscally Smart.

 We make working with your dietary departments simple so everybody can save money. 

How We Help your Stakeholders

SNO LITE enables skilled nursing and rehab facilities and hospitals to:

- Track residents’ allergies, dietary restrictions, and meal- and day-specific preferences;

-Print meal-and day-specific tray cards with resident photos;

- Automatically calculate IBW, BMI, BEE, and Estimated daily Calorie, Protein, and Fluid needs which are required in all comprehensive nutrition assessments;

- Manage and customize meal service dining locations;

- Run pre-formatted reports, including Resident Diets, Tube Feeding Residents, Fluid Restriction Residents, Birthdays, Resident Preferences, Supplement Labels and many more. Many of these reports are mandated in Survey. 

SNO PRO enables skilled nursing, hospitals, correctional facilities, universities, and other food service facilities to:

- Use existing Dietitian-planned cycle menus as-is or customized for each facility or venue;

- Use SNOs Dietitian-created standardized scalable recipes that include HACCP instructions, or copy and customize to suit any Diet Manual;

- Customize each residents/patients profile for food preferences, allergies, intolerances, etc.

- Create Food Order Guides (daily, weekly or monthly) automatically from your scheduled menus which include exact quantities of all menu and resident/patient meal requirements;

-Order the right amount of food from the right sources every time to experience upfront food-cost savings. 

Cost Savings

Both SNO LITE and SNO PRO will save money on food orders because they automatically calculate the exact amount of food required for each meal, every day. This eliminates the waste created by estimating needs. According one study conducted by a Registered Dietitian Consultant SNO user, the average monthly savings of a 100-bed facility using SNOs Menu Integration is between $1,000 - $1,500 per month. Below is an example of a menu showing the cost of each item in the selected menu including meal and daily totals. This report allows your staff to see and know what meals and days are within budget... and which exact menu items are putting them over-budget. 

Corporate Benefits and Controls

SNO PRO provides key features that are strategically important to larger skilled nursing, hospitals, correctional facilities, universities; especially to those with multiple locations nationwide.

For HIPAA compliance, SNO includes:
- Data encryption and password-protected user profiles which protect resident data privacy;

- Audit trails for accountability by tracking of users who have viewed and changed resident records

For strategic, business, and medical decision-making, SNO includes many reports important to top-level executives, including those that enable decision-makers to:
- Analyze food costs by facility, region, or nationally - Plan and project food costs prior to ordering;

- Track significant weight changes and other critical resident clinical information either within a facility or nationally

For both large corporate entities and smaller facilities, SNO includes controls for data integrity and information access:
- Ability to restrict regional and local users to view and/or access only their own region or facility;

- Controls that restrict access to specific protected health information in each residents profile;

- Notes sections for entering any information a facility or corporation wants to store. 


SNOs monthly subscription pricing is based upon each facility’s daily census (pennies per resident per day). There are no expensive implementation costs like other solutions, no large upfront fees, no server hardware or system software to buy, and no requirement to have a technology staff to maintain the solution. Our Software as a Service (SAAS) applications are readily available on-line via the Internet.

Let Us Prove our Cost Savings Across the Board 

Reduce Cost

Maintain Survey Standards

Increase Operating Efficiency

Avoid Compliance Risk

Partnering with SNO allows you to control the tactical sides of nutrition cost management.