Simplified Software Development began in 2006 as a partnership between Gator Bait Technologies and Custom Database Management. GBT had a rich background in fusing together cutting edge technologies at that time including telephony; OCR (optical character recognition); open source web environment SAAS (software as a service); and LAMP applications. CDM knew the processes of the dietary marketplace and after merging, the suite of applications called Simplified Nutrition Online emerged.


The Vision of SSD remains the same as at its inception: to be an essential resource to our clients to develop solutions that help them meet their business needs. Our clients have spanned many markets including:
     -HealthCare Service Delivery
     -Green Industry/Agricultural Systems Management
     -Intelligent Character Recognition, AI and UI
     -Traditional  and Online Storefronts
     -Manufacturing and Logistics

Consultation Expertise:

- Business Services Consulting
- Bridging Information Technology Platforms
- Regulatory and Legislative Inter-Compliance ® Consultation
- Healthcare ‘Design Thinking’ and Logistic Coordination
- Merger, Acquisition, Transition Coaching

Compliance Management

Design Thinking

Process Administration

IT Management

Operational Efficiency

“SSD has successfully created interfaces that link with our EMR program and our ordering system over the past several years for several companies I’ve consulted with. Throughout that process it has been clearly demonstrated that their dietary application, Simplified Nutrition Online, is capable of receiving information in excess of what competitor apps have been able to transmit.”

-Paula Bohlen Administrator,
Eagle Point Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center

Addressing the Broader Spectrum of your Management Needs.