Simplified Software Development began in 2006 as a partnership between Gator Bait Technologies and Custom Database Management. GBT had a rich background in fusing together cutting edge technologies at that time including telephony; OCR (optical character recognition); open source web environment SAAS (software as a service); and LAMP applications. CDM knew the processes of the dietary marketplace and after merging, the suite of applications called Simplified Nutrition Online emerged.

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The Vision of SSD remains the same as at its inception: to be an essential resource to our clients to develop solutions that help them meet their business needs. Our clients have spanned many markets including:
     -HealthCare Service Delivery
     -Green Industry/Agricultural Systems Management
     -Intelligent Character Recognition, AI and UI
     -Traditional  and Online Storefronts
     -Manufacturing and Logistics

Consultation Expertise:

- Business Services Consulting
- Bridging Information Technology Platforms
- Regulatory and Legislative Inter-Compliance ® Consultation
- Healthcare ‘Design Thinking’ and Logistic Coordination
- Merger, Acquisition, Transition Coaching

Compliance Management

Design Thinking

Process Administration

IT Management

Operational Efficiency

Addressing the Broader Spectrum of your Management Needs.