Why DM's can Better Manage
with SNO

Helping Foodservice Directors simplify their many "processes"
is SNO's forte!

Why Dietary Managers Choose SNO...

- SNO's Production Report captures every menu and special request item that you need for every meal.  Now you can literally eliminate call-backs for missing tray items.

-Save significant time and money on food orders by using our custom-generated Order Guide and Purchase Orders.  You can chose budget-friendly recipes; order ingredients that are on sale;  rotate and use emergency rations, and stay in budget all the time.

-Easily customize resident profiles to add, replace, or delete any menu item creating a resident-specific menu on each tray card.

-Resident traycards  are easily flagged for thickened liquids, fluid restriction,  fluid intake amounts, calorie counts, fortified food requests, and more.

-Your aids can take real-time meal orders bedside or tableside using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Residents and family members can also do their own food ordering through the Remote Control™ feature.

-Print meal slips directly to your tray line for quick and easy assembly and delivery anywhere on property.

-Easily schedule holiday and special event menus with one click.  Quickly post the menu as scheduled using the Facility Menu report.

How SNO helps DM's

Increase Operating Efficiency

Reduce Department Costs

Improve Resident Satisfaction

There's a reason we call it simplified ...