Assurance and Confidence
that every
RD-N Wants

It's not just about feeding people well.....
It's about improving their overall health.

Why SNO is the RD-N's Choice

-Dietitians agree that the biggest  critical issue they have  is time management... they do not have the time to write out menus and then calculate out the breakdowns for all the different therapeutic diets.  They rejoice that SNO does this for them.

-There is an accurate nutritional analysis of every item on a SNO menu.

-SNO provides the clear ability to incorporate recipes that are adjusted for therapeutic diets like the Heart-healthy Diet or the Renal Diet.

-SNO recipes are also well defined for altered consistencies.

-The fact that SNO is IDDSI-ready will help make the transition to IDDSI terms easily in the menus.

- The weight tracker feature allows you to easily view weight changes. 

-The nutrition calculation features  automatically calculates  the nutritional needs of your residents/patients/elders.

-The calorie count feature of SNO can easily calculate resident calories and protein  based on the percentage of intake.

-The Medication/Interaction listing of SNO  allows you to adjust a resident's menu based on potential food interactions.

Saving Time and Adding Confidence
for RD-N's

Clinical Compliance


Therapeutic dietary Excellence

“The Simplified Nutrition Online menu system is a user friendly and sophisticated software system that enables Next Level Hospitality Servers to offer a state-of-the-art program to our clients. Utilizing electronic information sharing between the medical record, the resident profile information, and the electronic menu cards, we are able to provide individualized meal plans for each resident, every meal, every day.”

-Ellen-Jean Butler RDN LDN CSG
Vice-President of Clinical Operations,
Next Level Hospitality Services

We've got you covered, in your clinical work and foodservice, soup to nuts.