SNO makes Dietary &
Nutrition Management
go from complex to
completely simple.


Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality, customizable, resident-centered nutrition and dietary services to caregivers. We partner with our clients providing simplifying, cost-effective, and flexible dietary solutions.

Our Suite of Products


A thorough dietary management system incorporating all the basics of SNO Lite plus four advanced modules: Menu Publisher, Recipe Publisher, Resident Management and Central SNO.

SNO Lite

A basic dietary management system. It focuses on resident preferences, dislikes and allergies.

Central SNO

Our newest module developed for corporations with multiple facilities which allows them to track individual facility data and to communicate with one or all of their facilities from within SNO PRO.

SNO Menu Publisher

Menu Publisher is a recipe and menu development platform that may be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with Resident Management. Here you’ll find a comprehensive recipe and menu creation module that comes loaded with thousands of ingredients and recipes. Each site is proprietary for newly created, or copied and updated, recipes and menus. This module includes the ability to copy cycle menu meals to entire menus, auto-populate therapeutic consistency and restriction extensions, and the global change features for easy menu creation and updates.

SNO Recipe Publisher

A module which has thousands of recipes available to use "as is" or to copy and customize. Included are texture modified recipes such as 'Puree' and 'Ground.' SNO recipes are also IDDSI food and fluid texture compliant. 

SNO Resident Management

Resident Management is an advanced, integrated, and comprehensive dietary and culinary management system. Resident Management integrates the scheduled menu with each resident's individualized profile to produce custom menu traycards, nutrition analysis, and production reporting.


This is an academic version of SNO utilized by professors to teach students in the healthcare field. Its features match those of Menu Publisher above, but SNO offers it on a student-priced subscription basis. 

SNO White

A white label version of SNO Pro, relabeled with the client logo of a Corporate User’s dietary group.


This is a phone APP for calculating nutrient needs. It can be expanded to do ingredient labels for foods, snacks, and beverages meeting appropriate food and ingredient labeling laws. 

SNO Purchase Program

An extension of our popular 'Order Guide', this module uses real-time pricing from multiple food vendors so you can select sale and featured items before you order. It automatically determines which products allow split cases or what is the smallest vendor pack available for the exact quantity you need. It ties into dietary production to help with overproduction, food waste, and inventory rotation and control. This module is still in production with anticipated release soon.

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